Headphones for iPhone are expensive, especially the Air Pods. So, it is always sensible to look for cheaper yet premium options for your iPhone. Although the market is loaded with a plethora of beautiful headphones promising the heaven to audiophiles, very few actually live upto the hype.

Today I have picked out the best wireless headphones for iPhone users so that you will enjoy premium sound as well as a reliable product that is worth your money.

KUPPET Mini Wireless iPhone In-Ear Earphone

KUPPET Mini Wireless Earphone In-Ear Earphone has Bluetooth V4.1 wireless technology and can be quickly paired with your iPhone as well as a variety of Bluetooth devices. It can connect with 2 different devices at the same time and can connect automatically with a phone paired previously. Designed with a built-in microphone and DSP intelligent noise reduction it can automatically sense the surrounding environment and determine whether to reduce noise or make audio/ calls more clear. It has a 180-degreerotation and fits in both right and left ears for comfortable wearing; it has an ergonomic design, which is ultra-lightweight weighing only 4grams.

Battery is rate at 4 hours thanks to the ultra-low power consuming 60MA lithium battery with a 120 hours stand-by time on a single charge of 1-2 hours. This is a single bud earphone and mainly serves for working people who are constantly on the phone. A pretty useful earbud while travelling, this can be useful while driving and even cycling. Listening to music can be a little odd for normal people as they are used to stereo sounds given the market for such products is limited to work uses alone. So this a good time as any to represent a true wireless earpiece that is useful for everyone.

Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones

The Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones score very high in its most important qualities of comfort and performance and can sync to any smart phone irrespective of the brand or platform you’re using. Hussar has made the Magicbuds compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, Windows phones and any other Bluetooth compatible audio device on the market today. It also doesn’t interfere with 4G connection and communicates better with your smart audio device, making Magicbuds use less battery life.

The AptX technology accurately reads and receive wireless Bluetooth bandwidth and creates an effective representation of the audio bandwidth in stereo sound providing a continuous stream of high quality audio and helps to reduce and eliminate unexpected syncing issues, and increase audio data transfer speed. Hussar’s Magicbuds’ ergonomic design is engineered for comfort and fit in your ear canal rather easily. The include dear buds are of three sizes – small, medium and large are made of high quality, soft and smooth to the skin material.

They also feature CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology and are capable of playing continuous high quality audio for up about 7 hours with on one full charge. It comes with a zippered carry case to store your headphones too.

Sony WF1000X/BM1 Premium Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

Another premium wireless earbuds compatible with the iPhones are the Sony WF1000X/BM1 True Wireless Headphones. They look like a tiny nugget and sits in your ear with a secure fit. There are two types of ear tips: silicone and a rubbery-sponge style. Each bud weighs less than 7g and is slightly angled which helps the buds go and stay in. Each bud has one button; the left ear takes care of power, pairing and noise cancellation while the right ear controls music playback, call start/stop and your phone’s smart assistant (Siri/Google Assistant). Volume is controlled via your phone and the bud comes with a flat box with straight edges and round ends. The bottom of the case has an NFC chip for quick Bluetooth pairing with Android devices and each bud holds three hours of charge.

As for audio performance, it excels at clarity and detail with vocals and has a highly textured sound.  The 6mm dynamic driver do an excellent job with audio output with a typical neutral tonal balance, which doesn’t exaggerate any particular part of the frequency range. By far this is the one piece that I fell in love with for its looks and performance.

COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

The Cowin E8 is an upgraded version of the Cowin E7 and have earcups much softer than the E7 which create a really good fit around the ear. With a black and gold finish, the new design is much better and the headphones also provide a much better fit around the head.

The improved E8 headphones comes with 40mm stereo drivers that can produce up to 25% more sound than the E7. The low frequencies feels good with mids that make crisp vocals and instruments sound incredibly awesome. The headphones have punchy bass which is always present and the overall the sound is great. With noise cancelation feature the Cowin E8 headphones has 4 noise-canceling microphones that does an extremely good job at canceling noise. Be it office noise or on a plane the noise cancelation is definitely one of the best feature to be looked out for in this pair of headphones.

Some other great features about these headphones are battery life with 20 hours of playback time, ergonomic controls, and a good microphone. all the controls – volume, skip, and multi-purpose controls are on earcups and the microphone proves to be a good one with crisp phone calls. The Cowin E8 is a great pair of headphones that sound amazing and is one of the sturdiest and long lasting headphones out there.

That’s all for this time. Do test them out and let me know which one you liked. Also you can find my article other brands in my blog. Take care and goodbye