We are way ahead of the times when wireless headphones were perceived as something with bad technology, below average sound quality and checkered connectivity. And the icing on the cake were the batteries that just lasted about two to three hours. But, all thanks to advancements in technology, we are now in an era where wireless overhead headphones not only are blessed with amazing innovations, but also sound great.

Today I have picked some of the best wireless overhead headphones that are really worth your money. Some of them are technologically advanced, others have a great appeal and some are clever in design. Do check them out.

Sony WH-CH500 wireless overhead headphones


The WH-CH500 from Sony comes with an overhead design with swiveling cups to be carried around easily in a box while travelling. The volume control and power buttons, micro-USB charging port are all located on the lower side of the right ear cup. The headphones have an audio quality that out does its competitors really well; be it bass-heavy songs or instrumental tunes. There is no bleeding, thanks to a good clamping force of the headphones, and the audio spectrum sounds really pleasant with smooth mids- vocals not sounding passive by the bass.

Sony WH-CH500 wireless overhead headphones delivers 20 hours of battery life. Very few wireless audio products can compete with this kind of battery life, and WH-CH500 is just the set of headphones for you if you are look for that extra pinch in your music. Overall, the wireless headphones present themselves as one of the best options that offer good audio quality and achieve decent loudness level too. The ear cups prove to be extremely comfortable for long listening hours and do not induce fatigue on the ears.

Ausdom ANC8 wireless overhead headphones with active noise cancelling


The Ausdom ANC8 wireless overhead headphones with active noise cancellation does its job rather well. This is most noticeable with lower frequency sounds. Although suitable for working out in the gym, it is recommended that you use it for indoor purposes only for better sound quality. The Bluetooth feature of Ausdom ANC8 headphones is fantastic. It pairs quickly with any Bluetooth device and does not experience latency while pairing. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and a battery that gives up to 20 hours of playtime depending on volume levels.

The overall build quality is great and the ear cups are made of comfortable protein leather, which pivot at 90 degrees for a comfortable fit. The ear cups are very comfortable, while the headband proves to be a good fit on the top of the head for long usage. They do not slip easily, and maintains a nice balance to stay snug, and yet, is not too tight to cause pain or discomfort. The sound quality of the ANC8 is great with punchy bass and clear vocals that give you an awesome emotional experience.  You can feel the details of the song and a bright audio spectrum that sounds stimulating.  Overall, a good wireless headphone that is  worth your  money.

Nuraphone wireless overhead headphones


This is one of the premium and by far the most technologically advanced wireless overhead headphones. Inside the Nuraphone’s ear-cups, there are a pair of mushroom-like protrusions designed in such a way that the portion slides in the top part of your ear canal for a complete seal and amazing audio clarity. By using tiny, ultra-sensitive microphones embedded inside each earcup, these headphones detect the frequencies of your ears and will adapt accordingly. The Nuraphones also offer active noise cancellation (ANC) and have a sturdy built. The soft silicone rubber ear cups and headband work well and have touch-sensitive “buttons” on the left and right side allowing you to take control in a limited way. You can set them to adjust the volume, skip track, pause and so on – with a single or double-tap – and these functions are customizable through the app.

The headphones have wear sensors, too, that pause music when you remove them and resume it when you wear them back. It comes with a hard case for protecting the Nuraphones. It has amazing sound in combination with the passive noise isolation offered by the in-ear tips and surrounding ear cups, the Nuraphones can block both high-frequency sounds and low-frequency rumbling with incredible efficiency. As for sound quality, Nuraphones deliver a sweet balance between mid- and low-frequencies and has a crisp detail to the audio without ever sounding harsh. Add to this, they offer both digital and analogue wired connectivity along with Bluetooth AptX wireless music too.

BÖHM B76 Wireless overhead Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

BÖHM B76 is superior to its older version in design and built quality. It has an ultra-modern design and sturdy build and thanks to its brushed metal finish, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Both the ear pads and the headband have soft leather coating, which feels really soft and outright luxurious. They cushion the ears really well for long comfortable listening experience. It comes with one of the most superior active and passive noise canceling technology ever featured in budget wireless headphones. With the help of a multifunctional button, the user can control power options, USB charging port, volume, a Bluetooth indicator and a noise canceling button.

It also has a microphone that enables the user to make and receive calls with hands-free control. The wireless overhead headphone has a 320mA battery with 20 hours max audio playtime and handles the music output and active noise cancellation with a remarkable performance. For connectivity, BÖHM B76 comes with Bluetooth version 4.0 and uses Qualcomm CSR8635 single-chip Bluetooth audio ROM device. You can easily connect to the devices, which placed in another room as it has an operating distance of 10+- meters. The weight of this headset is 635.029 grams, and its size is 6 x 3.9 x 7.4 inches with portable options when folded down.

Beats Solo3 Wireless overhead Headphones – LINE Friends Special Edition

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless overhead headphones has made some huge improvements, compared to its previous versions including battery life and wireless stability. With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 Wireless also has a Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge that gives 3 hours of playback.  The sassy design with the LINE Friends Special Edition is what is new and eye-catching this time.

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless build is much the same and it looks pricey enough to attract attention from onlookers. Most of the frame is plastic, with synthetic leather-topped foam and fold-up hinge made from metal that gives extra strength to the skeleton of the headband. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless overhead headphones use squidgy rubber that spreads the pressure well and is much higher-friction than conventional headband padding which makes it easy to wear them while jogging without falling off. The Beats Solo 3 includes a 3.5mm input on the left cup and comes with a carry pouch. The Beats logo acts as a play/pause button, the ring above/below alters volume and a mic hidden in the ear cup lets you take calls. The Beats Solo 3 has Apple’s W1 wireless chip for excellent wireless connectivity and gives efficient battery power. The sound quality remains unaltered with punchy bass, even treble and crystal-clear vocals. One of the best among the lot, this is a great accessory and a must buy.

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